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Spring Cleaning Tips for Offices

With all the snow and ice in the forecast here in Boston lately, we thought it would be nice to look ahead to warmer spring (cleaning) days on the way. People are more productive in a clean, organized work space, but where do you even begin?

  1. Clean All Surfaces. Use a microfiber cloth and disinfecting cleaner to wipe down all of your hard surfaces, including desks, chairs, tables, and shelves. Electronics are just as important. Don’t forget that your phone, keyboard, and mouse are high germ zones. You should also clean off your printer, fax machine, computer screens, and other electronic surfaces with an appropriate cloth or cleaner.
  2. Give the break room some TLC. Notify everyone in the office that you will be cleaning out the Break Room. Areas to include are: Refrigerator, Microwave and Coffee maker. Clean the fridge at the end of the day so they can come and mark what they’d like to keep before the cleanup starts. It is most helpful to schedule these clean-outs on a Friday afternoon at the end of the day. The end of the workweek ensures that you’re not throwing away anyone’s lunch by mistake.
  3. Be realistic. While is the worker’s responsibility to clean their work space, it’s the employer to offer a clean environment. If you can’t get help from your staff for cleaning, hire a professional cleaning company like us Boston’s Ultimate Cleaning. While we take care of cleaning your office space your team do what they were hired to do.